720 Vertical Spin Trimmer

Economical vertical trimmer for in line or hand fed applications

The model MTM 720 Spin Trimmer can trim virtually any type of resin, including PETG, PVC, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP and multi-layer resins.  Though this is the MTM Systems base model spin trimmer, it has a heavy duty tubular frame that provides a robust platform, making it the leading spin trimmer in the industry.  The “Right-Hand” or “Left-Hand” feed versions of these variable speed trimmers come standard with a patent digital control heated blade and can be ordered with either a 24” or 30” blade for a wide range of container neck sizes.  It also includes a “Spring Release Belt Adjustment” that makes it easy to adjust belt tension and replace belts.  Some of the common and popular options include:

    • Timing belt for use in food grade applications
    • Adjustable heavy duty frame (27” to 52” from floor to blade height)
    • Discharge Corner Guide Bar to direct scrap domes to rear of trimmer
    • Remote Control Box allowing access to controls on either side of conveyor
    • Casters for easy relocation to other lines
    • Extra Frame Height to align with higher table top conveyors
    • Pneumatic Driven Blade Guard to enhance operator safety

720 Series Features & Benefits

Heated blade technologyTrim virtually any type of resin, including PETG, barrier resins, K resins, PVC, PP, PE; multi-layer resins responds
Available in either 24″ or 30″ modelsAllows versatility for a wide range of neck sizes.
DC variable speed controlAllows various line speeds to be run on a single trimmer.
Heavy duty “A” section drive beltLong life and lower replacement cost.
Heavy duty tubular steel frameLonger life and higher repeatability.
Manual jam releaseQuick release for clearing jammed containers without the necessity of entering the trim area.
Operator safetyUnit shielded by tough PETG safety guards. Safety guards electrically interlocked to shut down the trimmer when opened for operator safety.

720 Series Specifications


Weight250 lbs
Range29″ ± 3″
Height from floor to blade

Utility Requirement

Electrical Supply
Voltage120 VAC/1 Phase
Amperage8 AMP
Compressed Air Supply
None Needed

Motor Ratings

Trimmer Drive Motor1/8 hp
Heater Blade Temperature
450°F (Max)

Container Range

Containers per minute60 (depending on size)
Min/Max neck size1″-7″ 25-127 mm
Min/Max diameter1″-4″ 38-178 mm
Min/Max height3″-18″ 76-450 mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale. Other options available upon request.

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